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We are a video game studio startup founded by former developers of World of Warcraft, and named after our guild of 17 years. 

Introducing Legacy: Steel & Sorcery

Experience the ultimate fantasy World PvPvE experience in Notorious' first game.

The Game Studio, Redesigned

Companies these days aren't like those in the industrial age, yet they're run roughly the same. That's why our first design project was to rethink the structure of the video game studio itself.

Creative Freedom

We enjoy open worlds and player agency in our games, why not our teams?

We aim to reduce the traditional rigid hierarchy, empowering individuals with autonomy and freedom to do their best work.

Culture of Trust

We believe that great games are made by the talented developers, not process.

Reclaim your time typically lost through stakeholder approvals and endless meetings. 

Everyone Leads

At Notorious, we write our org chart in pencil not pen. Rather than burdening all decision-making and responsibility on a select few, we aspire to distribute important decisions and responsibility among the broader team, giving everyone an opportunity to lead.

Our Values

Here's what it means to be Notorious. 

 Champion the Mission

Think about what's best for the company and our games. When the mission and your work don't align, it's your duty to sound the alarm.

What's The Experience?

It's not about great code, great design, or great art. It's about a great player experience. Start with the player experience, and work backwards to the gameplay.

The Best Ideas Win

We thrive when we have tough, open, and candid conversations about what's best for our games and the studio. 

People, Not Process

When you optimize for efficiency, you lose flexibility and creativity. Instead of adhering to rigid pipelines and procedures, we believe magic comes from fostering an environment that nurtures imagination.

Min/Max Everything

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Team First, Then Players

If we can't design a great studio, how can we design a great game? Our team is our first priority because if the team isn't thriving, the player will never be served.


We'll be Hiring soon!

Keep our eyes peeled for future open roles.

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We wouldn't be here without the conviction of our investors. 

A New Beginning

The next chapter of core fantasy RPG begins.

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