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We take our players and the community seriously. We used to be just players ourselves, and believe that the community has a powerful role in the development of games when the vision is shared by its creators.

You're in Good Company

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Lighting Artist

Full-time position in Irvine, California. Remote Option Available. 

Senior or Principal

As a Technical Lighting Artist, you will be a key player in defining the visual quality of our next title. Specializing in Unreal Engine 5, you will utilize Lumen to create dynamic, realistic, and captivating lighting environments that enhance gameplay and storytelling. Your expertise will be crucial in developing and implementing a robust lighting pipeline and workflow from the ground up.

What project you'd be working on

We're currently building a new core fantasy RPG game for PC/Console using Unreal 5. Elements of this project include open worlds, core RPG fantasy theme, PvPvE, third-person action-based combat, player stories, and engaging systems. It's still very early and anything can change, which you can be a part of.

About Notorious

Notorious Studios is a venture-backed start-up founded by core developers from Blizzard Entertainment who worked on titles like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch.

We aspire to have a flatter organizational structure where everyone has a chance to lead. We have a culture of open and candid communication where the best idea wins. Sparks can fly, but we always attack ideas, not people.

As a startup, we're focused on minimizing wasted time and maximizing results. We have a hatred of bureaucracy and are focused on our mission of bringing underserved players new experiences that only a small, agile studio can accomplish.


  • Collaborate with the Art and Design teams to craft high-quality lighting compositions that evoke emotional and memorable experiences for players.

  • Take ownership of the lighting process, generating optimized, high-level lighting that supports and unifies the game's environments, creatures, and characters, all while considering gameplay implications.

  • Drive the artistic and technical evolution of our lighting practices, working closely with various disciplines to standardize and elevate the game’s lighting.

  • Implement and manage lighting solutions that adhere to project budgets, enhancing gameplay experience without compromising quality.

  • Stay ahead of the curve on advancements in Unreal Engine 5, including Lumen and Nanite, applying new techniques and features to your work.

  • Lead the lighting direction for our project, ensuring effective collaboration and communication with all stakeholders, and manage the scheduling and delivery of lighting assets.

Required Qualifications

  • Proven track record as a Lighting Artist within the video game industry, with at least one shipped title (AA or AAA) in Unreal Engine.

  • Expertise in Unreal Engine 5's lighting systems, particularly Lumen, with the ability to harness its full potential for dynamic and realistic lighting effects.

  • A deep understanding of lighting principles, color theory, and composition.

  • Strong leadership abilities, capable of guiding the lighting process from concept to completion, including the development of a lighting pipeline.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills, capable of working under tight deadlines and within project constraints.

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively across disciplines.

  • A portfolio showcasing your lighting work in video games, with emphasis on Unreal Engine 5 projects.

Ideally, you have (but not required):

  • Experience working in Unreal Engine 5, Lumen, and Shadow Maps

  • Experience with both stylized and realistic light settings

  • Experience building lighting tools in engine


  • An office! We believe in the creative power of working in person. Our schedule is Tues-Thurs in-office, Monday, Friday WFH (optional)

  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental, Vision

  • Open paid-time-off policy with a minimum enforced by the company. We trust you to take time off when you need it

  • Competitive salaries that value your experience and dedication

  • Stock options in an early stage startup. We want you to be motivated to stick with us for the long haul

  • Relocation assistance, and immigration where applicable

Notorious is  an early-stage startup!

  • Salary range of $73, 500 - $160,000. Note that this compensation range is for full time employees in Orange County, California. Notorious uses geopay when determining salaries. This means that colleagues are compensated based on the cost of living in their geographic location.

  • While Notorious offers competitive salaries on average, our compensation is undermarket from what you'll find at the top, larger, established AAA studios. The way in which we make up for this is by offering equity. This has potential for high rewards, but also a risk of failure if we don't achieve our mission.

  • In order to suceed at a startup, we must be Hardcore, Work with a Sense of Urgency and be All-in. If you feel like you're in the stage of your career where you either want to move fast and learn a lot of new things or capitalize on all of your experience you've learned in your long career, this can be for you. However, startups are not for the feint of heart -- you have to be okay with self-managing yourself, wearing multiple hats (or roles) and embracing the chaos of uncertainty. 

  • Notorious does not have a "bonus" compensation structure, and instead pays in pure salary as we believe bonuses can sometimes incentize the wrong behaviors.

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