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We take our players and the community seriously. We used to be just players ourselves, and believe that the community has a powerful role in the development of games when the vision is shared by its creators.

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The Ultimate Class Fantasy

Our mission is to deliver the ultimate experience of playing core RPG classes like the Mage, Warrior, and Priest with unique, class-specific gameplay and role-defining character art.

An Immersive, Dangerous World

We're building a brand new core fantasy world using Unreal Engine 5 to immerse yourself in beautiful worlds filled with mystery and danger

Action Combat Reimagined

We’re rethinking the standard RPG combat system -- featuring an immersive 3rd person camera with melee combat, spells, and abilities all geared towards an engaging multiplayer PvPvE experience.


Project Honor is a class-based, online action RPG where you can go on adventures solo or with friends to get loot and resources to gear out your character.  We view it as a new emerging genre that blends PvP and PvE elements. We are at the earliest beginnings of this project, so much can change from now until eventual release. To join us on our development journey, join our newsletter and YouTube channel!

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When can we see gameplay footage of Project Honor?

Notorious is at the very early stages of game development for Project Honor and we're not quite ready to share gameplay footage just yet. To be one of the first to see footage when we are ready to share, please sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter!

Is OTK working on Project Honor with you?

Notorious is super excited to partner with our friends at OTK (the #1 streaming org in the world, btw) in helping bring Project Honor to life through a financial investment in the studio.

However, OTK is not an active contributor to the day-to-day development of Project Honor. That said, they do have an inside look of its development and may give us feedback or advice from time to time. 

Is Project Honor a MMO?

We do not consider Project Honor an MMO, no.

MMOs are incredibly complex and expensive endeavors for video game studios and Notorious is a small, independent game studio. That said, Project Honor may have some elements typically found in MMORPGs - such as a fantasy setting, classes, PvE and PvP experiences, and more.

An unprecedented first look at the beginning of the next great RPG game world




Hey! 👋 We're hiring! Looking for an Environment Artist, Networking Engineer & more! 👉 Join Us!

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